Surrounded by my children

I got an unexpected surprise on the Friday before the long weekend.  The art hanging supplies I was waiting on from Lee Valley showed up early.  I wasn't expecting them until Tuesday.  Their arrival meant that I spent all afternoon measuring and installing the hardware that will be responsible for displaying my gallery canvas prints and originals in Birdsong Studio 2.0 in Okotoks. 
First column:  Matthew Good (nfs) and George Bush (nfs)
Second column:  Resilience and Courage, Happy Hippo, King of the Savanna
Third Column: Something in the way she moos, Ian Tyson and Okotoks Robin

As I sit down to type this blog post, this small collection - centred by the Happy Hippo - is a quick glance to my left. 

Left column:  Cadoka (nfs), Gibb, and Fallen (leaf)
Right column:  Our ray of sunshine - Mern (nfs), A doe's new day, and Jay-Z

This collection of originals is right behind me.

First column:  Unbreakable Bond, 500 (Bob Cole and Lanny McDonald),  and Marilyn Monroe
Second column:  Mike Tyson, Belonging, and Cows
Third Column:  Mr. Fox, Walleye, and Baby Gorilla
Fourth Column: Alice Cooper, Walt Disney, Cowboy Trail Cow
Fifth Column:  Canoe
Six Column:  Stormtrooper, Elephant Rhapsody and Dreamcatchers

In the main studio area, this large collection spans the entire wall.  I particularly like having the canoe about the doorway.

Left column:  Wolf in the Snow, Through the Keyhole, and McKay Bear
Right column:  Nelson Mandela, Yoda, and Jesus

The wall sections between the windows on the opposite side feature these pieces.

Top to bottom:  Birdsong Studio murals in Fort McMurray (photo by Robert Coppard) (nfs), Robin Williams, Barack Obama, and Elsie Yanik (nfs)

Finally, the area above my work station tell a part of the story of Birdsong Studio and its roots in Fort McMurray and with elder Elsie Yanik.

There are still two more spots where I will have art hanging.  I just need a bit more hardware to get it completely done and ready for our open house likely to happen around the middle of the month. 

With the exception of pieces marked nfs (not for sale), everything else is available.  Prices vary based on whether it is an original or a canvas print.  Prints range from $100 to $225.  Or you can ask about the BUY NOW price of your favourite piece which includes, for prints, an upgrade to an EP (Embellished Print) and free shipping to anywhere in Alberta. 


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