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Too close to the forest

I find that with more complicated commission projects, there comes a time when I get too close to the work that I no longer see it with fresh eyes.  I reached that point with a commission that I am working on right now (a secret, so I can't share).  It was nearing completion, in terms of the elements of the piece being fully painted, but I needed the client to look at it and provide feedback.

I felt in my gut that I didn't have it right, but I had spent too many hours staring at the canvas and couldn't see it clearly.  I'm so grateful that the client didn't hold back and let me know that I had missed the mark.  With a small bit of feedback, I was able to focus on what needed to change and jumped into it right away.  I'm going to work it some more today and see if I can get to the essence of the amazing subjects.

How many times have I been too close to the forest to see the trees?  Too many times in my life to count, more than several dozen times in this three…

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