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Moving to Okotoks online auction

It is T-minus 41 days until will leave our Fort McMurray home for the final time and move down to Okotoks.  With each passing day this major transition is becoming more and more real.  Yesterday we emptied out the garage and organized everything into "Moving to Okotoks", "Sell in garage sale", and "give away" piles.  When it was all done we were exhausted.  I got the sense that it is a small preview of what is to come.

Birdsong Studio has changed a little, but not a lot.  I'm still working full tilt and can't afford to pack away any of my canvases, paints, brushes or tools.  That will happen later in June.  What I can do is clear out the selection of originals, canvas prints, EPs, and limited edition prints.  That will be a giant step forward.

The MOVING TO OKOTOKS online auction begins bright and early Sunday morning.  It will run all week with bids closing at 9 pm MST on Sunday, May 26th.

To participate all you have to do is click here and regis…

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