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Blogging vs Arting

For no reason in particular, I glanced at the number of blog posts I have written over these 15 years. The number, inexplicably large, looked familiar.  I think that's rather close to the number of paintings I have done (also an inexplicably large number), I thought to myself. I clicked over to my painting spreadsheet, a coveted document in the cloud where every single painting is recorded along with details of who owns them all, how much they sold for, and various other scraps of information. I scrolled to the bottom of the long list and found the current total. The difference between the number of blogs I have written and the number of paintings I have completed is a mere 10. It is easy to come to the conclusion that I am a creature of habit. I picked up the writing habit when Dylan, our older son, was in the hospital. It became a way of chronicling our lives and a form of mental health (for me). An editor could scour the archives and scrape together more than enough material fo

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