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Inspirations from the road

Our family traveled over 4,000 kilometres through myriad communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Along the way, I had my trusty camera with me, ready to respond to whatever popped up of interest.  The trip to the zoo provided lots of material for future paintings, as did our walks in the Crowsnest Pass area.  Here are a few of my favourites.


My brother and his wife took the kids on a rock hunting expedition at a sand pit/rock quarry near Manitou Lake, the famous salt-water body of water southeast of Saskatoon.  It is legendary for its natural buoyancy, mineral-rich properties, and curative powers.  My eye kept returning to this one tree up on the ridge.  I tried to capture it from different angles, but in the end, I found a ridge of rocks piled up just high enough to let me snap these three photos.

I asked all my family members which one drew them in the most, and all of them, young and old, gave the same answer.  What would be your pick?


I knew the Calgary …

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