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On the Ideal road

One week ago, I began doing the Ideal Protein program.  It is similar to many other healthy eating products/programs that you might be familiar with, but it is the one that I chose a decade ago.  My familiarity with its simplicity and effectiveness drew me back in. In addition to a selection of mineral supplements, I use three different Ideal Protein "meals" throughout the day.  They could be a shake, protein bar, or even a bag of chips (believe it or not).  I also eat a lot more vegetables to round everything out.  The absence of "garbage" foods and the abundance of healthy vegetables is not only helping me, it is helping Heather.  There are far fewer temptations than when I am eating normally.   I'm spending more on the Ideal Protein products but I'm spending nothing on alcohol or eating out.  In the process, I am slimming down ever so slowly.  When I step on the scale later this morning, my guess is that I'm down 5 to 7 pounds in the first week.  The

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