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A different kind of presentation

I was asked to present at Community Code Day on the Business of the Arts.  I had done a version of this presentation with art students at a local high school a couple of months ago.  I found that the content and its delivery felt flat (to me).  Inspired by a recent engagement at Father Beauregard School, where I painted in the atrium and classes cycled in and out to watch and ask questions, I decided to take a similar approach with yesterday's one hour session.

Guests came into the classroom at Keyano College and I started by having them select one of my business cards that features a variety of my paintings.

"Pick a card that speaks to you in some way, whether its subject or its colour," I said.  "It will serve a purpose later on in the presentation."

Just before getting started, I asked for a volunteer to play the role of "Chief Inquisitor".  Parth put up his hand and I brought him up to the front of the room.  His role was to keep the conversation g…

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