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The Spoon River Anthology stretch

There are many plays that take you on a predictable and easy to follow journey through a story.  Dialogue, circumstance, action and plot all come into play and you leave the theatre being able to recount, with a certain amount of detail, what happened to who and why.  Leaving Spoon River Anthology, the final production in Keyano's 4-play subscription season, I couldn't do any of that.  However, the play and its many characters that emerged from the hereafter to share their connection to Spoon River, offer a different kind of theatre experience.

Someone on social media said that once they allowed the play to "wash over them", they were able to connect more deeply.  They were right.  Trying to intellectualize how one character connects to another is going to be an exercise in futility.  That person's advice to just absorb and embrace what you see is a far better approach.

This production of Spoon River Anthology, directed by the incredible Karen Towsley, stretche…

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