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Home is where the heart is, and the recovery

I am either learning about or rediscovering the impact to my body of international travel.  The first full day back, Tuesday, I felt like I had been out drinking the night before.  I got stuff done, but it was slow going.

On Wednesday, I started to show some health effects, with a headache and upset stomach.  I took some Advil for the headache and by mid-morning that part of my body was feeling a lot better.  My stomach took a few extra hours to calm itself.
I got a lot done yesterday, between frequent naps.  I think I had four or five.  

The loft got cleaned and reset for our next AirBnB guests.  All of the prints that arrived while I was gone have been opened and several upgraded and made ready for shipping.  I also got our next online art auction all set up and ready to roll.

The BIRDSONG FEBRUARY auction starts tomorrow (Friday, February 21) and ends next Friday (Feb 28) at 9 pm MST.  I’ve added over 30 gallery canvas prints so far, with many more yet to come.  I’ll also be adding a n…

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