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Power of the palette

One glance at another artist's palette, the range of colours they use in a given work, can and does take me in a completely new direction.  My friend Taylor often talks about the various palettes of the masters, like Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh.  In the times that we painted together, he would go into a project with a particular palette in mind.

I recognize that the colours that I use are rather consistent.  If you were to look at my collected works, displayed chronologically on my website (click here), you would notice clusters of paintings that have a similar look.  When I find myself trapped in a palette, I force myself to use new combinations of colours to see where they take me.  It's a fascinating process.

Jordan Perkins, an artist I admire from Castlegar, BC, uses deep yellows, orange, red and teal in a way that is striking.  He works on larger canvases, and is evolving quickly, trying new things.

One glance at one of his paintings resulted in my Charles Darwin portrait…

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