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My Top 5

We are in the final days of our final online auction of 2019.  We have probably done six or seven in 2019 and have shipped pieces to almost every province and to several states south of the border.  I've made a habit of reflecting on the selection of gallery canvas prints and original works near the auction's end and seeing which ones rise to the surface for me.  These are five pieces that jumped out to me this morning.  Perhaps one, or several, will speak to you.

18" x 36", mixed media on canvas

This textured abstract work sits right in front of my on the "study" side of the studio.  I love a lot of things about this piece, but mostly I love that everyone sees something different when looking at it.  Some see a city at night, others see ships in the harbour.  I see a misty northern forest at dawn.  From a collector's point of view, it is one of my first pieces that dances on the edge of abstract and realism.

16" …

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