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ART in February

Our first major auction of 2019 starts tomorrow.  Both Heather and I were very busy prior to departing for southeast Asia, producing new work and gathering an exciting collection of gallery canvas prints.  At the moment, there are 33 items in the ART in February online art auction.  That number could go up throughout the week. 

Proceeds from the sale of these items will help us continue supporting community groups, charities and worthwhile causes.  We are also thrilled to help in other ways, including making school visits and doing workshops and open studio sessions.  We can't thank you enough for your support.

These auctions are a rare opportunity to get original works.  We usually start the bidding at a discounted price, ranging from 25 to 30-percent off.  We won't be discounting any originals deeper than that as there are just so few of them available.

Gallery canvas prints will be auctioned off in a very similar way to how we do it on the Facebook page.  The starting bid …

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