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Banff, Covid style

We are staying in Banff for a few night.  Our hotel is directly across the street from the local grocery store, which seems to be teeming with activity.  They must have a strict occupancy limit, as I have seen people standing in a line outside the store waiting to be let in.  Banff was one of the Covid hotspots last week, so things might be a little stricter here. We just got back from dinner.  Walking through the hotel, it feels like we are literally the only people here.  We have only seen one other human, and that was the lovely lady sitting at the front desk.  This feels like a post apocalyptic holiday. Tourist stores are open along the main drag, the only things missing from the scene are customers. Every other time I have been in Banff it was in the high season, when people were everywhere and I couldn’t wait to leave.  This is the polar opposite.   I’ve never been someone who looks forward to spending time in Banff.  I’ve always seen it as a tourist trap of sorts, with inflated

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