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On the road

The trek south of Fort McMurray has become familiar, like an old friend, trusted and safe.  Since the twinning of Highway 63, it is a breeze travelling down this road.  The stretch between Fort McMurray and the turn off to Anzac became the first highway miles travelled with my younger son at the wheel.  Heather has been teaching him over the last couple of weeks in town.  This was my first time riding with him.  I thought I would have been more nervous than I was, if I’m being totally honest.  I ended up being quite relaxed.
Time is marching along.  That was the feeling going through my mind as this young man, who seemed to be a small boy just moments ago, took us down the highway.  Where do the years go and how do they disappear so quickly? 
We made Cold Lake our end point of the first leg of our journey.  We’re staying in a new Holiday Inn Express.  After a little rest, we went for a lovely walk down the boardwalk and marina.  It’s always nice to stretch our legs after a long drive.  …

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