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Pandemic Painting

Writing about painting during a pandemic is something that I never thought I'd be doing.  However, for the sake of posterity, it is probably important that I do.

On March 1st, the number of corona virus infections in the United States was less than a hundred.  By the end of March, that number had eclipsed 200,000.  In that same time period I created 33 new paintings, of which, only four remain in the studio.  The rest are scattered across the country.

The intense stress and anxiety I felt when the panic buying and social distancing measures began has long since passed.  What has kept me balanced is a daily routine that is pretty much the same as pre-pandemic.  I get out to the studio by 6:30 or 7 am and start working.  What I do varies, but I'm intentional about moving forward and creating new work every single day.

I was fortunate to have the 20 Day Painting Challenge to keep me busy through the month.  Even in the midst of a global crisis we were able to fundraise enough mo…

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