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First of all, I have to share that I have sold lots of paintings and prints to clients outside of Canada.  So, getting a request to buy a recent painting from an unfamiliar client in Minnesota was not out of the realm of possibility. I'll circle back to this potential buyer in a moment.

I started getting email enquiries from people wanting to buy art a long time ago.  The first one sucked me in by offering a significant budget (several thousand dollars) and a tight timeframe.  I don't remember what tipped me off, but the email fraudsters have become increasingly easy to spot and completely ignore.

The words they use are not quite right, as if English is a second language.

They jump right into the purchase discussion without specifically mentioning the artwork in question.

Often, the purchase is a gift for a spouse, with a tight timeline (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

I get these kind of emails maybe a half dozen times a year.  They now go completely ignored.  The first rule of avoi…

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