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Inspiration surrounds me

It was so nice to be in vacation mode when I was in Kamsack.  I was able to respond to objects and things that inspired me: a curious owl ornament mounted on my parent's fence, an old red barn, a herd of bison, and a lonely old grain elevator, to name a few.  One quick snap with my phone, and a potential painting had been captured.

Last night I was inexplicably tired.  I didn't have the energy to start a new commission project, but I had enough to try something fun and different.

This bug caught my eye on a farm south of Veregin, Saskatchewan.  Something about its simplicity really grabbed my attention.

I changed the image on my phone to black and white, then brought it into a program that overlays a grid.  Holding the phone in one hand, I sketched with the other.  This was the third painting this week done without a photo reference that I had printed out.  Here is the result.

There is inspiration everywhere.  It is so lovely to take the time to respond to it.

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