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Art for a cause

I have a couple of fundraising projects on the go right now.  The first is raising funds and awareness for Bracelets For Buildings, a charity that builds safe and sustainable homes for the poorest of the poor in Cambodia.  Heather, Ben and I will be returning to that country in February 2019 to assist.  A portion of each sale ($25) of "My Talkative Raven Friend" goes directly to the cause of helping these amazing people on the other side of the world.  We have printed 15 of 50 so far, with more on the way in the next week.

As a small thank you, each purchaser receives a Cambodian bracelet handmade by Sett and Toem, two previous recipients of homes by Bracelets For Buildings, who now sustain themselves through sales of these marvellous creations.

Prints of my portrait of Anthony Bourdain have been purchased by people from Toronto to Vancouver; one even went down to San Diego, California.  All net proceeds of these sales will be donated to Some Other Solutions, a charity in F…

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