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One space or two

One space or two after a period?

It was a simple question that elicited over 150 answers (which is very strange, because there really are only two ways that this can go).

A colleague of mine was proofing a document for me. Everything looked good to her except the extra space at the end of the sentence. In Sweden, where she is from, it always was only one space.  I learned to type on an old school typewriter, and putting two spaces was drilled into us and backed up with repercussions if we missed one.  So, is it one space or two? What is right? That's when I asked the question on Facebook.

The first bunch that responded were leaning decidedly with two, but answers of two started showing up en masse shortly after. Everyone has a strong opinion either way. Among the people who answered were academics, best-selling authors, professional communicators, business people, lawyers, creative thinkers, and many others.

When you stop and think about it, this is something that we all do, almo…

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