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Rocket Train

  Rocket Train 24" x 30", mixed media on gallery canvas This painting sits within my field of vision as a sit at my desk in Birdsong Studio. It is an abstract project that I did using an unfinished or repurposed canvas as part of my 52 Week Painting Challenge in support of Bracelets For Buildings , a charity that builds homes for the very poor in rural Cambodia.   There are four ways of viewing this painting with each orientation connecting to a portion of those who explore the question of which way it should hang.  Some see a sailboat. Others see tall buildings and a crane.  Some see just shapes, colours and textures.  I only see my childhood. I called this painting "Rocket Train" because in a very ethereal foggy way, that is what I see and what I feel.  The blinding speed of the engine, colours synonymous with my memory of countless train trips, and the blurred landscape through frosty windows in the dead of winter.  I see the mystery of the train cresting over th

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