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Collaborative painting

I have done collaborative paintings several times in the past.  Going way back to 2015, I helped Taylor finish a couple of projects, including a portrait of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands.

I stepped in to help a workshop participant from Israel find her groove with a portrait of Gandhi back in 2016.

More recently, we have played with collaborative abstract painting.  

Earlier this month, I spent several days painting a portrait of Michael Jordan with Michael and Clayton, 12 year old twins who were our first new friends in Okotoks when we moved here one year ago.

They helped with both the drawing and lots of the under painting.  They also tried their hand at some of the brush work in the face and arms.  At the very end, they applied many of the splatters that give the piece its energy.

Limited Edition gallery canvas prints are available for $200 each with a piece of the profits going to the twins.  Only 23 of these will ever be available.

This week, I had the honour of doing a c…

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