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Changes and Surprises

We are halfway through week number four in Okotoks.  Patterns are emerging and our new life in southern Alberta is beginning to take shape.  There are definitely changes that have taken place and there have been more than a few surprises.

MORE WALKING.  As we don't have a fenced yard (yet) for Coco, we are taking him for walks three and four times a day.  Sometimes Heather and I go together.  Other times, we go on our own.  I love these strolls and try to take the camera out for most of them.  There is no end to the walkable trails near our home.  Whether up the hill to the north or along the Sheep River to the south, there is always something to see and experience.

DOORS WE USE.  When we toured this house back in March, I didn't get the sense that I would often use the bathroom on the main floor connecting to the mudroom or the door that leads to the back veranda.  As it turns out, those two amenities are, by far, the most used doors in the house.



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