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Fort McMurray bound

Heather and I will be making the long trip up to Fort McMurray tomorrow.  Today is going to be all about loading up the car with our supplies and artwork.  We are going up to have a booth in the annual Christmas Show and Market that is happening at MacDonald Island from Friday to Sunday.  It will be our first market experience in a long time, the first of what I suspect will be many in the years to come.

As Heather wanted to go up a day early to meet with some of her clients, I decided to spend some time painting in schools on Thursday.  Many reached out to invite me in, but the two that made their offers first were the Christian School and Father Mercredi's Santas Anonymous team.  I'm excited to see what comes out of those two visits.

I'll be doing some live painting in our booth as well, though I haven't decided the subjects yet.  That's part of today's preparation process.  In addition, we will be selling a wide selection of art cards, (individually or in s…

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