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Comfort in the discomfort

I get many different kinds of requests for custom paintings, from all over Canada and the U.S. primarily.  Trying to categorize them is difficult, as they really run the gamut in terms of subjects.


Some requests feel like they paint themselves. Portraits of grandparents, cute dogs and most celebrity requests are just plain fun. 

Most of the time, I have great reference photos to work from and I can complete the project within a relatively short time frame.


Sometimes clients want a painting done from a photo that offers very little in terms of detail.  A beautiful family that lost a home in the 2016 wildfire had no shots of their beloved house after 30 years of living in it.  The only photo they had was the Google street view. My challenge was to create something beautiful out of something that was very utilitarian and lacking in detail.  There are other times when favourite moments are contained in images that are extremely pixelated or damaged wi…

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