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The great anticipation for Spoon River

I don't recall a time when I was as excited about seeing a Keyano Theatre Company show.  Spoon River Anthology, directed by Karen Towsley, feels like it is going to be something special and unique.

In contrast, we pretty much knew the storyline of Footloose, the musical that drew in huge audiences back in February.  Before that, The Other Side of the Pole offered a recognizable and familiar holiday themed evening of theatre.  Spoon River Anthology is an enigma, a riddle, an oasis of no-idea-what-to-expect.

Both of our sons, Dylan and Ben, are in the cast.  They have talked about the experience and the structure of the show, but beyond that, we are as in the dark as audience members who have no connection to the production.

As a parent, there is additional anticipation because the play has been a stretch for both boys.  On the one hand, Dylan, 18, has nine different monologues.  I got the sense that the work of doing this show was expanding his skills and abilities.  He worked har…

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