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On the banks of the Mae Klong River

Our day began and ended the same way, with a short trip across the width of the Mae Klong River on the small ferry. It costs us 5 Bhat each, or about 25-rrcents; the time it saves in terms of the distance we would have to travel to the nearest bridge is substantial. 
We wandered for a long time, trying to find someplace to have breakfast. While we saw a couple of coffee spots, our idea of a breakfast spot doesn’t exist. We wandered through oriental streets lined with vendors and scooters. We wandered through fresh food markets with the catches of the day, freshly slautered chickens, and exotic fruits and veggies. We wandered, getting more and more thirsty and hungry as the temperature continued to climb. Eventually we bought a couple of waters and some pre-packaged pastries.  We still have not braved one of offerings of the less hygienic street vendors. 
Having that little bit of food in our bellies made such a difference. Kilometre after kilometre we walked, eventually circling back an…

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