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Period of readjustment

Getting back from a three week vacation - which I have never had previously - is one thing; adjusting after over 36 hours of travel is something completely different. I thought we had done pretty well with the 5-aeroplane journey by getting decent sleep and adjusting to the 13 hour time difference.  However, the first full day back at home and at my new work out in the studio felt a little foggy.

I had successfully parked all my cares and concerns while away in Asia.  I am very good at compartimentalizing. Now that we are back I have a lot of catching up to do, at the same time as establishing a completely new routine.  I had been going to a job every day for the last three decades. My job now is a few steps out my back door.  
As it was the first day back, I was gentle with myself. I had several naps, got a print in the mail, did my radio show and started (and almost completed) a new commission.  Long story short, it was a productive day, despite feeling foggy.
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