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Imagine if you will....

Imagine that your young family slept on planks of wood....

...with flimsy walls and no doors night you are at the mercy of all the tiny flying critters that come out when the sun goes down have no power except what you can eek out of a couple of tiny batteries pulled out of a broken down scooter

   ...water comes from a well out in the field, one bucket at a time work hard fishing at the big lake every day, but it's barely enough to feed your own family, let alone generate an income

You would think that conditions like this would make life unbearable and would create personalities that would be hard, beaten and sullen.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Tea and Mapp's family was bright, optimistic, hard-working and determined.  It was a privilege to spend a few days with them as their home was constructed thanks to the efforts of Bracelets For Buildings back in February.

As I look back on that time and look forward to meeting a new recipient famil…

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