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Five treasures

There are five items in the MOVING TO OKOTOKS online auction that I would like to draw your attention to, as they are among a very small number of items that are waiting for their first bids.  They each of their merits, though those positive attributes are in the eye of the beholder.  My assessment is purely from my perspective.

Barack Obama

This gallery canvas print featuring President No. 44 of the USA sits in my field of view in Birdsong Studio.  Both his countenance and his message inspire me every day.  Clients who come to pick up purchases are also drawn in by its essence.

Freeform in Teal

In my opinion, this 16" x 20" would be the steal of the auction.  It is Heather's personal favourite of all her abstract works and one that seems to catch the eyes of everyone who comes into our small creative space.  It's so hard to communicate how fascinating and beautiful it is in a small picture on the auction site.


This original painting was done just a few short …

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