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Resilience and Courage

This painting of Gord Downie was inspired by last year's chair of our local United Way campaign.  Colin Hartigan asked if I would consider doing it as an additional fundraiser.  My studio time was super limited at the time, so I asked if I might do it one morning at work. You see, I actually work at United Way full-time, at least for the next month - I'm retiring from that job in four weeks.  The boss said "Absolutely!"

I set up my easel in the hallway at The Redpoll Centre, a nonprofit shared space located in one of the largest recreational facilities in Canada.  I started painting at about 9 am.  By late that afternoon the portrait was done. 

What was really cool about the experience is that people dropped by to watch.  There was actually a couple from Newfoundland who specifically came by; they were huge Hip fans and in Fort McMurray visiting.  We had a lovely chat.  I'm convinced that their energy and love, along with that of many others, infused their way in…

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