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We have been changed

A troll who goes by the handle @ratfreealberta took a run at me on Twitter for being too positive about our trip and the people we met.  He tends to take a swipe at me every couple of weeks.  If it isn’t a snide comment about my art, it is something else that he chooses to attack.  This trip has helped me to realize that I can choose not to accept that kind of negativity in my life.  I blocked him from ever seeing my tweets again.

I think there are many ways to see the world and the people in it.  My interest is in seeking beauty, kindness, humility, tenderness, integrity, and commitment.  In seeing the people in this tiny village in rural Cambodia, I saw resilience in action, connectedness, acceptance, devotion, and a beautiful simplicity.  

Is there poverty?  Sure, at least in comparison to how North Americans measure wealth.  What we often don’t see or understand is that the way of life in this country has been that way for generations.  Some may struggle for sustenance every day, bu…

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