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In the "last" zone

With the move to Okotoks less than two weeks away, we have entered the period of time when certain things are going to happen for the last time.  For instance, yesterday was the last time that Dylan woke up in his home of 20 years.  He spent all of yesterday packing up his room before going out to Fort McKay to spend the rest of his summer with his mom and Grandma.  He'll be back for a quick visit right before we all leave for our new home.
Soon it will be the last time that I cut the grass, do laundry and myriad other activities that have shaped our time within these four walls.  Am I being overly nostalgic or is this normal?  Not having moved in over 20 years, I'm really not sure.
We are hosting our Open House and Customer Appreciation Farewell today.  When that is done, I will be stripping down the studio, leaving only basic supplies to get me through the last few projects that will be done in Fort McMurray.

I'll also be going through all the paints, brushes, markers, p…

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