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Channeling Jimi

When I have been working on commission projects all day, I sometimes like to reward myself by doing something quick and fun in the evening.  I also have this micro goal of getting my feature wall filled with originals again.  It has been a very long time since I've been able to feature nothing but new work on the wall that you often see in pictures on social media.  On Thursday, I went looking for something that would supplant one of the three remaining canvas prints hanging on the wall.  Jimi Hendrix jumped out to me.

6:47 pm
7:08 pm
7:31 pm
I spent the first evening roughing in the black background and putting the first few layers of colour on his face and hair.

9:12 am (Friday) 
In the morning, I did some more work on the skin tones and colour balance and got him to the point where I was ostensibly done.

That's when the sentence "What would happen if...." popped into my head.  What would happen if... I turned on Jimi Hendrix really loud in the studio and see what …

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