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10 years ago

Just over a decade ago, I went into the right-of-way behind our house on Demers Drive in Fort McMurray and discovered that someone had tagged our shed. At the time, it was being used as my carpentry shop. The back area was being used as storage for my election signs. I had just lost an election the fall previous. Before we bought the property, Jim Dorie used it as a music studio. As I looked at the tag, the idea of painting something beautiful to cover it up popped into my head, and for whatever reason, a recent portrait of Metis elder Elsie Yanik taken by photographer Joey Podlubny was the image that appeared. I had been flirting with what became known as a wild colour colour style using water colours for a couple of years and decided to do something similar on a larger scale using acrylic paints. I went to a local paint store and discovered they had an impressive selection of mis-tints, small cans of a variety of colours that were on sale in a corner. I bought a box full and that bec

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