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Are you ready to drink?

 You can lead a horse to water can't make him drink. That saying - at least versions of it - has been around for almost 500 years.  It popped up in conversation with my mom this morning. I instantly thought about the many people who have reached out asking about the Ideal Protein program . They saw a picture of Heather and I looking slim and trim, or saw a post about our weight loss/health results and instantly sent off a message wanting details.  We always respond quickly, but in more cases than not, life gets busy and those interested parties don't follow through.  You really have to be ready to "drink the water" if the Ideal Protein program is going to work its magic. I have been in Phase 3, or the Maintenance Phase, for the better part of a month. We have successfully re-introduced healthy fats and high quality carbs to our diets.  In fact, last night at dinner Heather made delectable baked potato with melted cheese (lots of carbs).  Yummy.  On the sca

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