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The benefits of the challenge

 I am 14 days into the 21 Day Wild Colour Painting Challenge in support of Bracelets For Buildings .  In those 14 days, I have completed 22 paintings, 15 of which are part of the challenge.  This might have been my most productive two weeks ever. One of the ways that I have done a better job this year is that the challenge paintings are largely done by 9 am each morning.  Today was an exception, only because I decided to do two paintings, both portraits of singer songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.  I have also stuck to a specific theme this time around, only doing wild colour paintings.  The previous challenges involved pulling prompts out of a hat and painting something based on the prompt.  The paintings were pretty wide ranging and unpredictable in the 18-, 19- and 20-day challenges. All of the paintings created and sold in the past three years have resulted in the construction of three homes for poor families in rural areas outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. A family currently living in ext

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