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Paint and Putter

We seem to have gone from winter to summer in an instant, completely bypassing spring.  Yesterday was the most beautiful day we have had all year; temperatures soared to over 15 degrees.  For those reading this from warmer climes, that may not seem warm.  For those of us that have had snow and ice on the ground for 6 months, it felt like a tropical paradise.

Two things happen with my painting life when the weather warms up.  First of all, I can work with the Birdsong Studio door open.  That feels so good after it being closed for so long.  Secondly, I am able to take breaks by puttering around the yard.  The last day has reminded me how much I enjoy puttering now that the snow is gone.

Shortly after the fire of 2016, just days after we were allowed to return home in June, we had a terrific wind storm.  Dylan, Ben and I were having lunch when we heard a huge CRACK, followed by a massive WOOSH.  A large maple tree at the corner of our yard had succumbed to the breeze and snapped, fallin…

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