Let the man rest


I couldn't watch after five minutes. President Biden looked old, vacant, diminished and weakened during the first presidential debate last night. Sadly, he looked like a man near death. 

Even the left wing media is reeling this morning, realizing that if something doesn't change, Donald Trump will return to the White House in January of 2025. That's how important the presidential debates are in America. 

"Joe Biden cannot beat Donald Trump," is a statement reverberating through the main streets and sides streets across communities in the United States. 

Yes. Joe Biden was under the weather. Yes. He usually rises to the occasion, but didn't last night. Yes. His record of getting legislation passed is strong. However, it was clear as the nose on my face that he needs to be allowed to retire and someone younger needs to step in and take a run at Donald Trump.

His mouth was agape most of the night. You could cut out that image and paste it in the middle of a long-term care ward and he would fit right in. I felt sad for him. I felt traumatized for America. 

Donald Trump, love him or lump him, was a stark contrast to Biden last night. He seemed vigorous, strong, commanding and able to lead. I'm not talking about the content of his answers or arguments, I'm only speaking about his physical ability to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. 

Someone called last night's debate "elder abuse". It's a hurtful term, but it rings true. I felt so bad for Joe Biden and all the things he must have been going through internally during that painful 90 minutes. I can imagine that he might have had a few out-of-body experiences and time must have felt suspended. My deepest hope is that he realizes the time has come to step back and allow the nation to step forward into its uncertain future. 


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