Doors wide open

 It's been a week of tours at our High River house, the very first SEED Home. We've had a number of delegations through, contemplating the philosophy and possibility of engaging SEED Homes to solve housing issues in various locations across Canada. 

One delegation did a comprehensive tour that started in the manufacturing facility with the bones of a house, the tubular steel frame that anchors the utility corridor. Then they were shown our studio building, which is almost at the point of being folded up and sent down the highway to High River. Finally, they came to our house.

Several of the visitors vocalized on the drive down that they were having a hard time visualizing how this construction method could result in a house that feels like a home. In the shop it felt rather industrial and cold.

It took all of 5 seconds for that impression to be wiped from their brains. Stepping into our foyer, your eyes glide across the bamboo floor to the feature wall and Heather's amazing painting of Metamorphasis before darting right to the modern, bright and spacious galley kitchen. 

"The video is great, but seeing it in person is so much better," said one visitor. 

Being able to stand in the space, feel the light, and experience the roominess is impossible to authentically accomplish through pictures or videos. You trust what your senses tell you when they are all engaged at the same time. 

"I was blown away," said another visitor. "This is exactly what we are looking for."

We believe in the philosophy of SEED Homes. We are excited by their spirit of innovation. We have come to know them personally and appreciate their values. They have earned our trust. That is why we are opening up our home this weekend so others can see what the finished product looks and feels like. This is a real-life, lived in, show home that demonstrates the potential of a SEED Home.

For us, this was about downsizing and being more environmentally sustainable. It was also about going on a journey of innovation with a team that made us feel like part of the process. There were bumps along the way, unexpected curves and disappointing delays. Those hazards are all part of being the first travellers on a new path. We feel the wait was worth it and are excited to see what lies ahead for the SEED Homes team as they offer a new product to a hungry housing market. 

Please join us for the Open House on April 20th and 21st from noon to 3 pm. We look forward to seeing you. 


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