Fundraising greatness


Photo courtesy of Doug Nicholls

I have been to countless fundraising events over the years for multitudes of causes and charities. The Hand in Hand Humber Roof-Raiser in Calmar was among the best. 

They had me painting the Calmar elevators in the centre of the dance floor while the crowd of over 450 enjoyed a meal, perused the hundreds of silent auction items, and bid up a storm in the live auction. The energy was palpable; the level of organization extraordinary.

The fundraiser was in support of the New Humble Community School which sits solitary on the side of the highway about 10 kilometres south of Calmar. Apparently, there has been a school in that location for over 100 years. This version is a charter school that specializes on the agricultural side of the educational spectrum. With a growing student count that draws from the entire region, they are expecting the enrolment to top 150 students by this fall. Judging from the success of the Hand in Hand Humble Roof-Raiser, parental support and involvement is significant.

I don't know the name of the auctioneer; I was too focused on my painting to catch it. But he weaved his auctioneering magic for a full hour and did a brilliant job drawing out the bidders to get maximum value for the live auction items that ranged from frozen chickens to cattle. I have no idea how his voice held out through it all. 

My painting of Connor McDavid ("New Greatness") was the second-to-last item in the live auction. It sold for $5,000 after a long and exciting bidding battle. 

My live painting of the historic Calmar elevators raised $4,000 after an equally fierce back and forth between two determined bidders.

Photo courtsy of Doug Nicholls

It was a long drive back to High River that night, but I was strangely wide awake after the exhilaration of the event. Congratulations to Megan and her entire team of volunteers on a job well done. My thanks to Doug Nicholls for inviting me to contribute to the success with my paintings.  


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