Birdsong delivery delayed


We now have fencing on the west and east sides of the house. Farmboy Landscaping will be back today to install the concrete footings for our 10' by 24' deck that will provide our outdoor living space under the canopy of the three maple trees that rise just inside our property line.

They are doing as much as they can do while we wait for the arrival of the studio building. The final pieces of the fencing and decking for the studio building will have to wait a bit.

Our hope had been that Birdsong Studio 3.0 would arrive on Friday. However, the crane company has had to push things off until Monday. It's no concern on our end as it gives the deck guys a bit of extra time to finish up their projects. It also provides a few extra days of drying time. Some of the ground on the back half of our lot is still a little mucky from the spring melt.

I know things are getting very real when I get a call from the permitting folks at the Town of High River. They were dotting their i's and crossing their t's making sure all the necessary paperwork is in place. Tim from SEED Homes is handling all of this coordination necessary for a successful install. 

I'm excited for Heather as the yard begins to come together. She is an extraordinary landscape artist and is already chomping at the bit to get her hands in the dirt. We will have several garden areas at the front of the house, to the west and east of the main entrance. Thanks to Farmboy getting started on our fencing and decks at the start of the season, Heather should be able to make good progress on her living canvas this coming season. 

Integrated into the design will be pathways using the old bricks that Heather bought last year. We have a big pile of them, over 1000, sitting in a neat pile waiting for placement. 

The key message of this blog post is that the exciting install and unfolding of the studio building will now happen on MONDAY, not on Friday as previously planned. 


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