Half way there


I started my Ideal Protein weight loss journey on March 11th. I had finally reached the point of readiness to dive back into the protocol. It has been four full weeks and I am 13.5 pounds lighter. As you can see from the graph, the weight loss has been slower than it might have been as there have been dinners out and visitors. In other words, I've been far from perfect on my journey.

When all the conditions are right, and I follow the program to a tee, I can lose more than a half a pound a day.  Going into this program with half a mind set is not going to produce the results that you want in the time you want. While my progress has been slower, I am happy with my result and will forgive my trespasses.

I am a dieter that thrives on routine. I have the same Ideal Protein foods at breakfast, lunch and snack every day. I never deviate. However, a new product that jumped on the market a week ago has jostled its way into my daily schedule.

Ideal Protein has come out with a multi-grain seeded bread. Each packet contains three thin slices of dark seeded bread. They have become my Ideal Protein contribution to my lunches of homemade vegetable soup. Prior to their arrival, I was relying on one of sweet offerings like Triple Chocolate or Vanilla Wafers. The challenge with the sweet choices is that they were training my brain to crave sugar after lunch. The seed bread is a great choice to fill me up and compliment the meal. When I am done the program and at my desired weight, I could easily transition to one piece of real bread at lunch and feel satisfied.

As we begin to near our goal, it is important to start thinking of the intrinsic goals that will help maintain the weight loss over time. What are the internal motivators to keep us on track? How does living life making healthy food choices improve the quality of our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health? How do I want to eat needs to align with you I want to feel. 

If you want to learn more about the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol, don't hesitate to reach out. In addition to being a dieter, I am a certified coach. Our new Ideal Protein studio will be fully set up by early May, but we've been helping dieters remotely and in person from our new home in High River. The best ways to connect are by email (office@birdsongstudios.ca) or by text (403-910-0843).


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