New morning view

 The team from Farmboy Landscaping had a busy week. We now have a fenced yard on our west side.

What a difference it makes having a sense of our outdoor space. In the coming days they will pour the footings for the floating deck and complete the fence on the east side of the house. 

The studio building arrives on Friday morning at which time it will get placed on the screw piles, unwrapped, unfolded and buttoned up. We had several staffers from SEED Homes visit yesterday, members of the team who had not seen the property or the finished product as they had joined the company after the house arrived in December.

Day One of our Open House was wall to wall visitors. Tim's family arrived a little early as planned. A large group of 18, they enjoyed seeing the house in person. The children especially enjoyed meeting Coco and Shay. The dogs got a heaping of love to start their busy day.

Completely organically, when one couple was ready to leave another showed up. In fact, we didn't have an empty house until ten minutes before the open house was to finish. Then more people showed up. 

Several themes emerged from the many tours and conversations.

Almost everyone had watched the video tour done by David Blanchett in advance of coming to the home. 

"It looks even better in real life," one said.

More than a few people expressed gratitude for this blog series and how they had been following along through the entire journey. That surprised me. 

There was universal appreciation for the amount of space and storage. The home flows really well and with the amount of cupboards and closets, there is plenty of room for all the stuff. 

I got the sense that the use of Trusscore in a home was a curiosity and for some, a big question mark. There was some doubt about its application and whether it could provide the aesthetic you expect in a home environment. Based on observations and reactions throughout the week from visitors from as far away as Nunavut and Quebec, Trusscore passed the home suitability test with flying colours. 

The importance of the brightness of the home was not lost on the 40 to 50 people who visited on Saturday. They saw it and felt it. I am convinced that the role of light on our health and well being cannot be under emphasized. The choice that Heather made in her design to include the larger windows was brilliant. 
In another example of small world theory, one of the couples who attended - the Corrigans - are not only connected to my brother and his family in Watrous, Saskatchewan, Lyle had also spent ten years in my hometown of Kamsack and had attended school with my Uncle Lloyd and Aunty Lynda. Amazing people. We shared Kamsack stories for a good long time sitting around our dining room table. 

By the time the last couple left, shortly after 4 pm, we were ready to wind down and prepare dinner for some friends who were coming over. It had been a big day, a satisfying day. We are passionate about sharing our SEED Home story and demonstrating how this new philosophy of home design and construction has limitless possibilities. 

Day Two of our OPEN HOUSE runs from noon to 3 pm today, Sunday, April 21.  Don't feel like you need to RSVP. Please just pop by if you feel inspired to do so. We are at 36 4th Ave SE in High River. Check in with your Google machine for directions. 


  1. We just loved meeting you, your wife and seeing your new home! What a magnificent use of space and it’s beautiful to boot! Well done!


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