Outdoor Living in High River


At some point last summer, we were cleaning up our empty lot on a hot summer day. I remember sitting in the shade provided by the big maple trees and feeling the refreshing cool as the west wind softly blew. I've been anticipating enjoying this outdoor living space since the house landed and things started coming together. We are almost there.

Farmboy Landscaping has had a very productive week of building our fence and deck. This 10 foot by 20 foot space will be perfect for enjoying visits with company, having a barbecue, or just sitting in the great outdoors with a good book. 

Coco and Shay had a lovely time exploring their new outdoor play space and chasing their balls. This home and yard are perfect for us, but the home and yard are also perfect for the dogs. 

We made a trip into SEED Homes today to check out their new manufacturing facility and offices. Wow! That's all we can really say. Wow! From their humble beginnings, SEED Homes is really taking off and attracting attention from near and far. This new base of operations will serve them and their customers well. I was so gobsmacked, I forgot to pull out my camera and take some pictures.

Two doors to the south, in the birthplace of SEED Homes, Birdsong Studio 3.0 is in the final stages of being prepared for its fold and wrap. The ceiling panels will be taken off today and tomorrow, at which point the building will be folded and shrink wrapped before being delivered to its final home in High River on the screw piles at the back of our lot. Again, that tricky installation is planned for Monday.

The lift from the truck to the screw piles is a bit more complicated than it was with the house because of the proximity of the power lines at the back of the property. The crane operator was by last night to scope things out. Between him and the SEED Homes project team, they have a plan of attack for Monday morning's install. 

One of the wonderful things about this significant evolution with the new SEED Homes facility is that the team will be able to physically separate manufacturing/fabrication from assembly. In other words, all the pieces will be built in the original shop and then transferred to the new one when the assembly crews are ready for them. It will make for a much more streamlined process.


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