New studio, new energy


Now that the new studio is largely up and running, I don't seem to find the time for writing that I did when we were in our long transition. I'm out here early in the morning - usually by 6 am - working on paintings, packaging and various other things. 

While Jonathan and Zubair from SEED Homes work on finishing up the trim in the office, studio and Bird's Nest (our inlaw suite)
I do my best to meet with my Ideal Protein clients and get back into the painting groove. This week's focus was the completion of my fourth "bear chair", titled "Bear Hug", in support of Inclusion Foothills.
It will be displayed at Ward Tirecraft (1008 20 St SE) here in High River. That's where you'll be able to buy raffle tickets to potentially win it! Big thanks to Barney and the crew at Ward Tirecraft for partnering with us on this great fundraiser.

My other focus was a very special commission for someone who recently lost a furry friend. Some friends teamed up to get me to create a very special painting that will hopefully help salve the loss. 

Meanwhile, our friend Sandy in Fort McMurray has been doing a great job raising money for the SPCA with the gallery canvas embellished prints we've made of my painting of Sam Langford. Four more are being prepared to send up north next week. 

While I've been out in the shop (as I call it), Heather has been doing her magic with the front garden. Farmboy Landscaping arrived early this week to do all the heavy lifting of preparing the land. First, they removed some stumps and bushes. Then they contoured the land and brought in some fresh soil. Finally, they brought in a layer of cedar mulch.
Heather spent much of yesterday and today getting her many plant purchases in the ground in advance of the big rain we are expecting. I've said it once; I'll say it again: Heather is a landscaping artist. The amazing gardens she has created over the years are simply beautiful. She has an incredible gift and the results after only one day are impressive. Looks at the incredible lichen covered rocks she found yesterday. Amazing.


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