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I turn 57 on June 11th. On that day, it will be three months since I started on the Ideal Protein weight loss program. Today is June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day. I am 1.1 pounds away from my adult low weight which I reached back in 2022. That is a total of 28.9 pounds lost since March 11th. 

True enough, these are all meaningless numbers and dates to anyone else, but to me they represent a commitment I made to myself to trim down, eat healthier and work the program. 

This graph that looks a lot like a New York skyscraper; it is my personal proof of success. 

Shopping for clothes is much easier now. I comfortably fit into a 32 inch waist pant. Medium sized t-shirts are roomy - I could even fit into a small if I wanted that tighter fit. Clothes that were snug before are now just right. 

In three months I have consumed almost 400 cups of healthy vegetables and untold servings of Ideal Protein products. I have not had any regular bread, French fries or granola - some of my guilty pleasures. Outside of one Old Fashioned drink that I had during a special restaurant meal, I have not had any alcohol. I have had small cheats along the way - usually sparse amounts of cheese or carbs - but have managed to stay in ketosis for the better part of three months.

I have one of our dieters to thank for the motivation. They walked in for a visit after a month on the program. The results were so dramatic that seeing their success kicked me into high gear and got me inspired to jump in. I also was intent on being able to comfortably fit into a second hand down-vest that we had received. In the far back of my mind, I also knew that we had a wedding to attend far off in the distance. Said nuptials are actually this weekend.

I couldn't find my suits. I couldn't remember if they are tucked away in a box somewhere or if I gave them away. So, I went to Man of Distinction in Okotoks (a men's consignment store) and picked up a new-to-me pair of dress pants, jeans, belt and dress shoes. For less than $150 I had everything I need to look dressed up for the special occasion. 

If this inspires you in any way and you'd like to learn more about Ideal Protein, don't hesitate to reach out. We are an independent, authorized weight loss center with the company. The program works when you work it. No question. It feels like we are only days away from being able to set up our Ideal Protein office in Birdsong Studio 3.0. That will be a very happy day. 

Here is our email if you want to connect:


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