The Blur of Success


We had visitors to Birdsong Studio from the beginning of the Art Clothesline Sale to the very end.  In fact, I literally had 20 seconds to pop my head out to see what was happening along Elma Street.  All of us were guessing in terms of how many people come through, but estimates range from 40 to 60.  In terms of normal "retail" success, those numbers might seem small.  However, for a small studio, tucked away at the end of a long driveway, it was perfect.

Our main goal in our first year in Okotoks, and in particular with the events we've participated in this summer, has been to introduce ourselves to the community.  We have appreciated getting to know people in the Okotoks area and show them what Birdsong Studio is all about.  I think we're making some progress.

Looking back on the many people who made the circuitous journey though Birdsong Studio, certain moments stand out, but generally speaking it's a little bit of a blur.  Several people talked about circling back to commission some new work.  Many others were taken by certain pieces on display.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming.  

Our next big activity is coming up on Friday (August 28) with our friends at 94 Take the Cake.  It's a Night in Black and White - A Patio Painting Party.  If you want to join us, please email Heather Thomas at  

In September, we'll be participating in the Elma Street Art Walk.  It's been scheduled for a little earlier in the month in hopes that we'll catch some of the warmer weather.  Last year's event ended up being quite cold. 

Heather and I have both been super productive over the summer months.  We'll be doing our largest online auction of original paintings to date in September as well.  Stay tuned!


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