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We are constantly bringing gallery canvas prints into Birdsong Studio.  They fill every available wall space, floor to ceiling.  The hardest thing has been finding a way to effectively share with our customers which gallery canvas prints are available at any given point in time.  With that lingering challenge in mind, we’re trying something a little different.

We have set a major auction of gallery canvas prints for the first week of November.  Rather than waiting until a few days before the auction to set it up, we have started loading up available prints four weeks in advance.  By the end of this week, everything that we have available in the studio will be available for viewing at the auction site.  You will see that starting bid prices range from $50 to $150.  You will also see BUY NOW options that range from $125 to $300. 

If someone sees a print that they absolutely want and they don’t want to risk losing out to another bidder when the auction begins, you can always do the BUY NOW option immediately.  You don’t have to wait until the auction starts.  To make a BUY NOW offer send a private message through the Russell Thomas Art Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.  Or, you can send an email to  As long as the print of your choice has not already sold, you can scoop it up immediately.

When you pull the trigger on the BUY NOW option, you will get three awesome benefits:

1. Free shipping to anywhere in Canada.  Not in Canada?  You will get a $25 shipping credit. 

2. Free upgrade to EP, or Embellished Print.  This includes hand embellishments and an original signature.

3. Something new, you will receive a COA, or Certificate of Authenticity, paperwork confirming that you have purchased an EP.

We are only posting gallery canvas prints that are in stock in Birdsong Studio.  While there are a small number of exceptions, in most cases, we only have one of each in stock.  We can always custom order something in, but it’s currently taking about 10 days for gallery canvas prints to arrive in the studio.  That delivery time is likely to get longer the closer we get to Christmas. 

Our hope is that this proves to be a good way to efficiently share our current inventory and make it super easy for you to get the prints that you want.  These are the lowest BUY NOW options that we have ever offered.  We really want to make this work for you. 

If we get BUY NOW offers before the auction starts, those prints will immediately get deleted.  

To check out all the gallery canvas prints that have been added to the auction please click here.


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