A Covid Christmas


This holiday season will be like none other.  In Alberta, spiking infection numbers have compelled the government to bring in a new set of restrictions.

In the great scheme of things, these changes are not going to overly affect Heather and I in Birdsong Studio.  One big change is that people need to make an appointment before coming by to visit, paint, shop or pick up purchases.  We don't get a lot of walk-ins - perhaps one or two a day - but those won't be allowed going forward.  The other change for us is that we won't be able to offer our Air BnB accommodations in our basement until restrictions lift.  

We are fortunate.  So many other businesses that rely on foot traffic will be significantly affected by the occupancy restrictions in the weeks that are normally the most lucrative.  As the base of our business relies on shipping, we will be able to meet customers' needs as lockdowns and restrictions intensify across the country.
We have a great selection of puzzles.  These are gifts that will not only provide smiles on Christmas morning, but hours and hours of together time.  Puzzles distract from the cares and worries of the world and provide a great vessel for conversation and the opportunity to "just be" with one another.  
We also have a strong selection of gallery canvas prints.  They range from $90 to $250, depending on size and whether or not you are able to pick up (by appointment) at the studio or if you require shipping.  We have lowered our profit margins to help make it easier for our customers over the holidays.  Our package prices include free shipping to anywhere in Canada, a free upgrade to an Embellished Print and a COA, or Certificate of Authenticity.  

Starting on November 29th, we will be having our next online auction.  This one will largely feature original works.  With bids closing on December 6th, there will be plenty of time for delivery for Christmas.

If you are in the Okotoks/Foothills area and want to give the gift of personal painting time in Birdsong Studio, please connect with us. We will design an experience that fits perfectly.  We love having people paint with us, and it might be the unique and unforgettable gift you've been searching for.  You can even take advantage of this opportunity if you are from afar.  It's super easy to combine an art experience with a stay in our Artist's Loft.  A creative retreat might be just what the doctor ordered for that special someone in your life.

How do you get in touch with us?  Here are the two best ways:

Phone/Text - 403-910-0842 (please leave a message as our ringers are rarely turned on)

Email - office@birdsongconnections.com

We are open and ready to meet your needs and dreams, in a way that is safe and respectful of current Covid restrictions.

Take care!


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