Available Inventory


One of our challenges, especially during these Covid times, has been to find ways to share our available inventory of paintings, prints and puzzles.  We've tried various things over the years, some of which have worked, others have not.  

A couple of days ago, it struck me that an obvious way to share what original paintings are available for purchase was to create a single album on the Russell Thomas Art Facebook page.  I uploaded each painting, its dimensions and price and shared it.  Once a piece gets sold, it will be deleted from the album.  In that way, customer can see - at a glance - what is available.

Originals Available for Purchase

This strategy made so much sense, that I decided to do the same for gallery canvas prints.  There is now an album with our entire inventory including their dimensions and prices.  As things get sold, like "Love's Embrace" was yesterday, they will get deleted from the album.

Gallery Canvas Prints Available for Purchase

The final album that made sense to add was for available puzzle designs.  

Puzzles Available for Purchase

The guessing game of what's available and what things cost is now over.  I particularly like this strategy because it makes it incredibly easy to make special offers.  All I have to do is create a purchasing incentive (ie. free shipping, percentage discount, etc.) and share the appropriate album.  

We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients and customers to have a positive shopping experience.  

See something you want?  Email office@birdsongstudios.ca, or send me a message on the Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page


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