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The snow is falling in Okotoks after fool's spring that we enjoyed over the past few days. I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the paint to dry on my latest project, having my third (and final) cup of coffee for the day.  I've been thinking of writing this post for awhile: my personal Top 10 of available original paintings in Birdsong Studio and a few words about each.

Big Sky Bliss |  24" x 36" | $600

This painting by my talented wife Heather still tops my list.  It is sublime, calming, and utterly beautiful.  Filled with texture, it reflects the beauty of the big sky we love so much on the prairies.

Brown-Lowery Tree | 16" x 16" | $525

In recent months, I've become fascinated with trees.  I snapped a photo of this one in Brown-Lowery Provincial Park and took a realistic approach in painting it.  I love the result.

Beautiful Flight (Bald Eagle) |  18" x 36" | $800

We were driving home from Waterton when I saw a bald eagle perched on a fence post with the Rocky Mountains in the background.  To say that my heart was thumping wouldn't be an overstatement.  I love bald eagles.  I think they are one of the most majestic feathered friends that we have.  This painting is very special to me.  It features a background that I absolutely love.  It's up to the viewer to imagine whether it is soaring over a mountain lake or a distant forest.  

Lucky Luciano | 18" x 24" | $650

A collector in Miami, Florida inspired me to do this portrait of the famous gangster Charlie "Lucky" Luciano.  He is on an easel directly opposite my desk staring at me.  His gaze his penetrating.  It is among my favourite portraits.

Horse with no Name | 18" x 36' | $800

I have had the good fortune to visit the Kunz farm a number of times and have photographed many of their horses.  I used unlikely colours with this painting, which I really love.  It felt at the time - and feels the same now - that I was in the proverbial "zone" with this one.

Fort McMurray Raven | 20" x 30" | $750

I fell in love with ravens in Fort McMurray where we lived for 25 years.  They started visiting our yard after the big fire in 2016.  I quickly learned how communicative they are; they made extraordinary sounds and gestures.  The glug glug noises they make when talking to me are simply amazing.  This raven painting is set against a sky coloured by the aurora borealis. 

Wisdom of the Elders | 18" x 24" | $650

This was my third painting of Chief Dan George inspired by a panoramic screen shot from the film LITTLE BIG MAN.  He appears to be looking ahead to the future while reflecting on the past.  It is a painting that feels grounded to the earth, and I appreciate its presence.

The Stand on the Hill | 18" x 48" | $825

Behind Birdsong Studio sits a hill, a natural habitat for the deer and squirrels that have called this area home for thousands of years.  This stand of trees sits up at the top, enjoying a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance to the west.  It is my largest tree painting to date.

Emerald Lake | 12" x 18" | $500

We were hiking around Emerald Lake last summer when we saw some young people jumping into the cold water using a rope that was hanging from a tree.  While the day was warm, a strong wind made it feel rather chilly, which dissuaded us from taking our turn jumping into the lake.  I snapped a photo as we walked on by which became this painting.  "Is that a photograph or a painting?" asked a visitor to the studio yesterday.  It was a question that made me smile. 

Giant Tortoise | 24" x 36" | $825

I have been a fan of turtles all my life.  From the time when I was very young, I felt this might be my spirit animal.  This painting of the giant tortoise is the first thing you see when walking into Birdsong Studio.  It is a striking welcome. 

If you're interested in providing a home to one of these paintings, don't hesitate to contact me direct by email:  It would be our pleasure to take care of the shipping costs as our gift to you.   And if you put the promo code COCO ROCKS in the subject line of your email, we will give you an additional discount of 25-percent.  


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