Birdsong Update

 As fall flirts with winter, doing the dance of who is really calling the shots, Birdsong Studio is bustling with creative energy.  I have a bunch of commission projects in process as well as a few personal passion projects.  Heather recently completed her largest piece to day, a captivating abstract work called Metamorphosis (60" x 72").

We decided to pull all of our existing stock of gallery canvas prints off the market in preparation for our annual Christmas auction.  It runs from November 14 to 21 and will feature works by both Heather and I, but also our friend Rob Kunz, a talented photographer.  There will be a wide variety of Christmas gift giving ideas with starting bid prices as low as $40.  There is an incentive to check into the online auction before it actually starts, as everyone who does so goes into a draw for a $100 shopping credit with Birdsong Studio.  

Included in this auction are gallery canvas embellished prints, art puzzle packages, a set of Animals on Black cards, and even a few originals.  We are raising money with specific pieces for Bracelets For Buildings and Heaven Can Wait

Speaking of Bracelets For Buildings, I am into Week 6 of my 52-Week Painting Challenge.  Inspired by suggestions provided by you, I am creating 52 paintings which will be sold to raise the money to fund the construction of another home for a poor family in rural Cambodia.  I'm taking a yearlong approach, as opposed to doing a daily challenge, to mirror how the charity has pivoted.  Our building program used to happen over a couple of months pre-Covid.  Now, our main man in Cambodia, Heng, leads the charge and is building homes on a regular basis through the year (as funds allow).  

Our AirBnB suites were super busy over the summer months and continue to host guests in the fall.  The big news is that we are now positioned to offer our entire house for short term AirBnB rentals.  We have enough room to sleep six couples comfortably for a family reunion, wedding weekend, or business retreat.  Check it out here: Birdsong Artists House.


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