The Ideal integration


About 10 years ago, my friend Warren introduced me to the Ideal Protein program.  The way he described his experience with it really resonated with me and as soon as we returned to Fort McMurray I found a local consultant and started the wellness process.  I dropped from 210 pounds to below 170 in a matter of months.  It was a program with products that really worked for me.  

Zoom forward a full decade and you would see a family move to Okotoks, the arrival of a global pandemic and a devil-may-care attitude about food consumption. Feeling a little bulky, I decided to return to Ideal Protein as a proven path forward that I knew would work for me.  I spent the summer of 2021 in Phase 1 of the program and felt my body returning to a much healthier weight and rhythm. 

At some point in the journey I half-heartedly said to Bill (the co-owner of the Ideal Protein clinic) that if he ever felt like retiring to keep us in mind.  In that moment, I had a flash of inspiration that Ideal Protein would be a natural fit to our business and our lives.  I am glad that I gave voice to that insight and that Bill and his wife pondered the possibility.  Months have passed since that whimsical suggestion and we are days away from moving the Ideal Protein clinic into the front office of our house.  

Heather and I are heading into an intensive learning period, after which point I will be able to write more articulately about Ideal Protein and how it can offer a path forward to shed that Covid weight and nurture a healthier relationship with food.  Stay tuned!


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