Animals of the Americas


I was sharing with some visitors to the studio yesterday that my love of nature has grown exponentially as I've grown older. I appreciate the abundant birds and critters that live in our little neighbourhood in Okotoks, just south of Calgary.

Last night, a pair of young bucks were snacking on the hill just behind our yard. This morning a bluejay has finally discovered the feast of peanuts that I have stashed for them in an elevated feeder while dozens of sparrows enjoy the offerings of the bird feeder.  Meanwhile, the squirrels come and go, trying to sneak their way into both treasure troves without getting the attention of our two dogs, Shay and Coco. 

We had a little scare last night. After a tumultuous rain storm, both dogs flew out the back door to chase a couple of squirrels that had arrived. Coco, the little one, lost his grip on the slick back deck and went sliding into the wall. The sound he made was one of utter pain and distress. I went running to check on him. At first, I thought he had broken a leg or something. He was completely dazed and lying on his side. Thankfully nothing was broken and he started to come around after a few minutes. My heart was in my throat the whole time. 

I guess it goes without saying that we love animals. That might be why we are so excited to be self-publishing our first book. Animals of the Americas will feature animal paintings I have done over the years and some interesting facts and descriptions crafted by Heather. Unless we change our minds, I finished the last of the paintings yesterday. Stay tuned for information about pre-ordering a copy for the Christmas season.


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