Are you ready?

Ready to recommit to your health
as you head into fall?

Ready for a challenge?

Experience the Ideal Protein difference with our 12-Week Challenge!

Here’s the lowdown on this challenge:

3 Phases of the Protocol.

4 weeks on each phase.

You’ll do a Tune-up in Phase 1 to drop pounds, then stabilize at goal in our redesigned Phase 2. Your personal coach will help you discover your unique Macro Code and you’ll finish up the Challenge in Phase 3 using your Macro Code to guide you to the right foods for your body—for life.

Remember, your coach will be with you every step of the way for 1:1 support, info, and accountability. 

Are you ready to accept the Challenge?

Reconnect and recommit—call or text us today! 403-910-0843 Or email:

Here is a link to our booking calendar if you want to grab a spot right away. 

Frankly, I'll be joining you if you decide to make the commitment. While I've been pretty good over the summer, I've hit what we call my "trigger weight", or 5% above my ideal weight. I'm excited to dive back into the protocol.



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