Back on track - the healthy eating adventure begins again

Up until this morning, I had absolutely no inclination to step on the weigh scale.  I knew that I was slowly putting weight on, primarily from my evening habits of having too many nuts mixed with chocolates.  I had said to Heather the other day that I just had no inspiration to get back on the program, but that the day would come and I would make the needed shift.  That day was today.

I can't explain why I stepped back on that scale to be completely honest. I just knew it was time to see the number and determine the journey I needed to go on.

You may shake your head and ask "Before Christmas?"  "Are you nuts?"

I say there is no better time to make a healthy shift than before all the temptations and trappings of the holiday.  If I hit the New Year with some momentum, I will be in a far better position to be successful.

This is partly about losing weight, and being able to better fit into my pants, yes.  However, it is also about patterns, and creating better ones.  I had established some less healthy ones post-fire that need to change.

For the first time in a long time, I was using food for comfort and warmth.  This week, particularly, I was craving carbs in the worst way.  I acquiesced and had multiple helpings of rice, potato, and pasta.  That all changes now.

Immediately I will strip sugars and carbs from my diet, stop my nightly habit of nuts, and avoid bread at all costs.  I'm even enjoying my coffee this morning without any kind of sweetener.

To be comfortable, I will lose about 10 pounds.  To reach my goal, I will lose just over 20 pounds.  Thankfully, I have enough Ideal Protein products to get started, but I will head over to Sarah's store in the next few days to stock up on supplies.


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