Impact of social distancing

Since mid-March, our worlds have largely shrunk to a small cocoon.  At first, it felt like an extraordinary thing - seeing human beings outside the safe confines of their homes.  As the weeks passed, the imposed social distancing started to feel familiar, and dare I say normal.

There have been two measures, for me, of just how much I have isolated.  The first was when we had a visit from Heather’s parents as we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  After a day of having other humans in our midst, including our oldest son who had returned for the summer, we were absolutely exhausted.  My body felt pummelled and sleep was not only desired, it was an absolute necessity.

I felt similarly today after having two extended coffee visits, related to my volunteer role with the Okotoks Arts Council.  Giving people, beyond our small circle, my full attention, takes incredible mental energy.  

I share these two examples as fair warning of what you might feel as the world opens up again.  The socialization muscle, left lightly used, becomes weakened, less able to withstand longer bursts of human interaction.  If you find yourself inexplicably nodding off or going to bed several hour ahead of schedule, don’t feel bad.  It’s a normal reaction.


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