Prodigal child

I was working outside in the studio with the door open when all of a sudden I heard terrific squawking.  It was loud and insistent.  I grabbed my camera and discovered a bluejay chick standing in the gravel driveway just outside the door.

I made sure that Coco was secure in the backyard, otherwise he would have been tempted to play with this new feathered friend.  Laying down on my stomach, I started taking pictures of the chick as it bounced across the driveway.

In explicably, it turned around and started bouncing right toward me before it stopped two or three feet in front of the camera. 

It turned around again, and started bouncing to the far side of the driveway where it jumped up a few steps and made its way to the foliage in behind the studio.

The father and mother were up in the tree watching their prodigal child return.

As soon as it was up near the base of the tree, the mama flew down to say hello and give a kiss.

This is a wonderful time of year when birds, deer, hares, squirrels, and skunks are giving birth to a new generation.  We are blessed to be surrounded by all of these critters.  It is a joy.


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