Respite in Crowsnest

I resisted taking time off with a three day trip to Crowsnest Pass.  I put unnecessary pressure on myself to keep working.  The fact is that it has been a very long time since I stopped.  I mean really stopped.

Heather saw some clients in Crowsnest Pass on Sunday.  I stayed back at her parents place and worked on a commission.  I set up on the back deck and made some progress.  However, my body kept telling me to rest.  I listened.  I enjoyed three satisfying naps that day, one of which was a full hour long.  That never happens back at home.  I obviously needed the rest.

Today we did a hike up Saskatoon Mountain, adjacent to Coleman.  We accessed the trail via the Miner’s Path and headed up into the beautiful forest and mountain meadows replete with wildflowers of all varieties.  It was so beautiful, a perfect mix of scenery, smells and challenges.  

I find going up the mountain easier and can outpace Heather.  She is much faster going down, while I have to take it slow.  The impact on my knees on the descent in not insignificant.  

It was about a three hour hike with over 400 metres of elevation.  We ended up going off trail for a bit which shortened the hike by a couple of kilometres.  All in all, we did about 8 kilometres, or over 14,000 steps.  

The views up there were indeed spectacular, but so were the smells.  The flowers and plants produced an unforgettable menu of olfactory delights.

Long after we return to Okotoks and Birdsong Studio, the photographs taken during this trip will provide inspiration for creative projects.  Taking time for this kind of input is essential to generating output.  The rest is nice, too. 


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