I am sitting here in the studio in the early morning listening to "Keith Jarrett Radio" on Spotify.  Sometimes I need to write, just for the joy of it.  Writing also helps me capture the vagaries of daily life in a way that is useful.

There was a moment yesterday, when the studio was filled with friends and family quietly creating, when I had a sense that a dream had come true.  Heather and I had created a space that has evolved into community.  We have never felt that this is our private space.  We have always felt that this is intended to be "our" space, in the communal sense.  Yesterday saw eight distinct pieces being worked on at the same time.  There were stretches of time when not a word was spoken as we all went on separate journeys, but together.

I had no intention of painting an elephant yesterday.  But that is the power of creating with people.  Inspiration happens.  Painting went on for at least five hours with no schedule or sense of urgency to finish.  It was wonderful.  Here were some of the results.

Leaving the studio after a soul-filling day, I was uncertain whether my elephant was done.  However, returning first thing this morning, it felt perfect without any changes or additions.  All I had to do today was add a signature.

Meanwhile, our "community" will continue to evolve and grow.  As we say to the many people who drop by our farmers market booth to visit, "if the light is on in Birdsong Studio, come on in".  Whether you want to have a tour or stay for awhile and paint, we look forward to seeing you. 


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