Pocaterra Ridge...almost

When I think back on our hike of South Pocaterra Ridge I’ll remember the incredible earthy smells, the frolicking picas darting in and out of the rocks, the camera friendly chipmunk, and the amazing variety of rocks.  I’ll try to forget the feeling of getting light-headed and having to lie down at a 75 degree angle within spitting distance (well maybe 200 metres) of the summit.  I’ll also try to forget opening my eyes and feeling completely disoriented, maybe even a little nauseous.  

“I think I’m done,” I told Heather, feeling a little bad that we got so close to the top.

I had the same thing happen about 25 years ago when I did a mountain hike in Peter Lougheed Park.  Perhaps it has something to do with altitude?  Perhaps I just overexerted myself.  

It was a beautiful hike though, one I would readily do again.  The day was capped off by two wonderful encounter on the road.  First, we ran into a herd of Rocky Mountain Sheep.  They literally stopped traffic as I jumped out of the car, grabbing my camera to get a few snaps.  The lead sheep looked at me  with his head titled as if to say: “You looking at me?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something behind the highway sign just ahead.  We pulled forward slowly and were treating to a massive mama grizzly and one of her cubs (also massive).  Moments later another cub came bounding along.  Three grizzlies with my camera in hand.  I was in heaven.

“That was so special,” said Heather.  She was absolutely right.  It was magical.

I am limited by the number of photos I can share.  Most of them are on my camera.  They will get downloaded when we get home tomorrow.  I’m excited by what I’ll be able to share. 


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