The life of an artist

 Nearing the end of a long winter, I feel like each day is the same as the one before, only the paintings are different.  I’m a pretty driven person, and Heather will tell you that I put in the hours in the studio - perhaps too many.  That said, I know when I have reached the point where turning off the lights early is the best thing for me.  The lights are off early tonight.

I have created over 70 new paintings since the start of 2021.  That is a creative pace far beyond anything I’ve done previously.  The lockdown and lack of outside commitments have left a lot of time for painting. My unique challenge after maintaining such a furious pace is that I have had a hard time keeping canvases in stock.  Certain sizes are hard to come by and I find myself having to wait on projects as I wait for canvases to arrive.  

As I look back on the first two months of the year, I am grateful for wonderfully supportive clients and fans.  They are literally peppered across the country and it has been such a joy to be able to visit with a few of them in person.  The one thing I have missed during this time of social distancing is random studio visits.  Not only do we relish in visits like we had today, Coco does, too.  He lights up with joyful excitement and bliss on the rare occasions when we have visitors.  

I am looking forward to the rewards and surprises of spring, of new life and new ideas.  How about you?


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