Celebrating Mothers


While Alberta battens down the hatches one more time to slow the spread of Covid, we keep moving forward (as best we can) in Birdsong Studio.  If there is a silver lining to this incredible slow down of the economy it is that we have more time to paint.  We are 124 days into 2021 and I've already created 128 new works.  I always share with those who ask, that my productivity is a big part of my self-care.  Trying to finish a painting a day is part of the way that I maintain my mental health.

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday.  We are doing a couple of things to celebrate in Birdsong Studio.  First of all, we are doing a GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY of the following piece by Heather.

Madonna and Child
Gallery Canvas Embellished Print
by Heather Thomas
Value $225

To enter, all you have to do is go to Heather Thomas Art on Facebook and find the contest post (we have pinned it to the top of the page) and share a message to Mom.  We could all use some inspiration, appreciation and love right now.  Here's an excuse to give some to the special mother in your life.

The other thing we are doing is offering special pricing in honour of Mother's Day 2021.  Almost everything in the studio is 21-percent off.
Here are links to albums on Facebook that contain all the details of the paintings, prints and puzzles that we have in stock.  Just click on the titles to go directly to the albums.

These Facebook albums contain all the particulars - sizes and prices - that you'll need.  We do our very best to keep these up-to-date so you can see exactly what is available at any point in time.  

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to get an exact quote on your purchase considerations, including the Mother's Day discount, gst and shipping, email me directly at office@birdsongstudios.ca or text 780-881-3752.  Please don't call, as I rarely have my ringer on and I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize.  Too many times the strange numbers turn out to be scam calls.  I'm guessing you can relate.  

Take care!


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