Print Auction


We have found that online auctions are a great way to give our followers and fans a chance to get some great deals and have some fun.  Our latest auction offering is exclusively gallery canvas prints.  It is on until Wednesday, May 19th at 9 pm MST and can be accessed here:

When we put canvas prints in an auction we often offer a BUY NOW option that includes a number of incentives.  This time around, choosing the BUY NOW gives you free shipping to anywhere in Canada (value $30 - $45), a free upgrade to Embellished Print (value $50), a COA or Certificate of Authenticity, and a free 5" x 7" matted print of your choice (value $25).  

To encourage bidding, we are going to give away a $100 Birdsong Studio shopping credit.  Each bid offered equals one entry into the draw.  If you get into a bidding war for an item, the number of entries could skyrocket.  

We've been adding new prints to the auction every day.  Here is a selection of what you'll find. 

Register for free and bid here:  After the auction ends, we arrange all payment and pick up/shipping details with the purchasers.  GST and any applicable shipping charges will be added to the final sale price.  If you have any specific questions, or if you want to get a shipping quote in advance of bidding, don't hesitate to email:


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