Midsummer morning musings

 I wake up every morning and look at the forecast.  A song from the eighties goes through my head...."same as it ever was....same as it ever was..." ("Once in a Lifetime" - Talking Heads).  Mother Nature in this part of the world is standing still with clear skies and temperatures that flirt with 28 degrees during the day and single digits at night.  Apart from the lack of moisture, who can complain?  This is perfect summer weather.  

Photo by Robert Kunz 

A contributing factor to our summer stasis is the smoke in the air from fires in British Columbia.  That constant atmospheric filter is moderating the heat, though doing a number on air quality.  As we have experienced so much worse in the past, I actually don't mind the smoke.  

I made my first swing up to Edmonton in a very long time this week.  It was a one-day round trip to pick up gallery canvas prints and a few originals at AC District Moto in the arena district.  We had a large inventory of pieces on display and sale there for the better part of three years.  However, the pandemic took a big bite of their ability to operate in 2020 and it was time to bring them back to turn them into cash.  Six hours on the road felt a little unfamiliar. I'm glad that Rob joined me for the trip to keep me company.  

While driving I had this idea pop into my head to lean everything up against the outside of the studio to get a picture of the collection that was now available.  That photo garnered a lot of comments and a few quick sales.  There is something to be said for switching things up and trying something new.

Speaking of switching things up, I've taken to hanging gallery canvas prints on our front fence every day.  While we have two large sandwich board signs that pillar our driveway, the additional colour attracts way more eyes.  We have been in Okotoks for over two years, but the reality is that we are still very new.  People "discover" us almost every day.  

In partnership with our dear friends at 94 Take the Cake, we will be hosting another evening in black and white in August - the Patio Painting Party!  Two things will be different this time.  First, there will be no Covid social distancing restrictions.  Second, 94 Take the Cake is now licensed to serve alcohol.  So, while a tasty treat and beverage (non-alcoholic) is provided as part of the Patio Painting Party fee, you'll be able to order up a nice glass of wine or bottle of beer.  This painting experience is unique as we only use two colours: black and white.  Email Heather to book a seat: office@birdsongstudios.ca.  The cost is only $60 + gst per person, the date is August 20th.

I have a growing file of inspirational images that I dive into when looking for something fun to paint.  My current project was inspired by a tourism ad that has popped up in recent weeks and a photo that was taken well over 100 years ago.  I'll be finished this one up later today, attempting to capture the simplicity and beauty of a time long long ago.


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