Smelling the roses


One of the major motivators in making the decision to downsize was financial. Our Elma Street property was large, as was the mortgage. Staying ahead of the bills caused both of us a certain amount of unwanted stress. I always felt like I had to be working and making sales. 

In our new mortgage-free chapter, I look forward to a number of things:

1) Painting when I want to paint  - this will mean being more selective with commission requests and live appearances. Quality will trump quantity going forward.

2) Going for more hikes - I love our time in the mountains, exploring new trails and staying fit. I intend to do more.

3) Doing more theatre - getting to play in Twelfth Night was a godsend. I will do more in this new phase of life, either with Dewdney Players (Okotoks) or Windmill Players (High River).

4) Cultivating friendships - I have important people in my life - friends and family - that I want to spend quality time with. More and longer coffee visits and walk 'n' talks are in my future.

5) Fishing - I loved spending countless hours at the river up in Fort McMurray. I would like to return to angling at some level. It's always been good for my soul. 

6) Exploring books and ideas - I really enjoy reading. I also love playing with insights and ideas in my blog. I look forward to more reading and writing.

7) More travelling - whether it's a meandering driving adventure or checking off a few locations on our world travel bucket list, I look forward to enjoying the increased freedom to get up and go.

I feel blessed in my life and the opportunity to slow things down and enjoy it all. I don't take it for granted as I know many people don't have this choice. 


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