Embracing ambiguity

 As we prepare to pack up and move our possessions to our new spot in High River, I’m mentally preparing for the uncertainty that lies ahead. As our new home and studio will be new builds (details to come soon), there is a chance that there could be a gap between the day we move out of our Elma Street home and the day when we can move into our new one 15 minutes to the south. There will be an even larger gap between leaving Birdsong Studio 2.0 and being able to move into Birdsong Studio 3.0. I may end up being studio-less for up to a month.

Because of this scheduling ambiguity, I’ve purposely avoided committing to any painting projects that have to be done in the summer. What I am doing is hosting one final online silent auction to move the last remaining paintings, prints and puzzles prior to the pack. 

The Moving to High River auction will run for two weeks (June 25 - July 9) at www.32auctions.com/movingtohighriver. Five dollars from each item purchased will be donated to the Okotoks Arts Council.

Prior to making the downsizing decision, I had the pedal to the metal. I was working incredibly hard to increase sales and profitability. While I’m still working hard, it’s more because I want to and less because I need to. This feels way better.

Next week we hope to take a meandering drive to Vancouver to visit our son. I’m really looking forward to shutting things down for a few days and enjoy the adventure with Heather. When we return, it will be time to fill boxes and do the final push in the moving process. It will also be construction time for our new home. 

We have loved our time in Okotoks and will continue to stay connected to the community through my volunteer efforts with the Okotoks Arts Council and Dewdney Players. Heather is also engaged with a wonderful writers group in the community. But we are looking forward to connecting with the community of High River. We hear nothing but wonderful things. 


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