Less Full

Two words kept resonating in my head after day one of this battle of the bulge: less full. Leading up to and including the Christmas holidays it felt like I was in a perpetual state of fullness. Eating reasonably throughout the day and sticking to my edict of post-dinner nibblies comprised of only fruits or vegetables and I felt substantially less full, and it felt good.

Let me preface this observation with a reminder that our bathroom scale is a cheap piece of crap. That said, with my glass is half full optimism in overdrive, the scale read 205 this morning, five pounds lower than yesterday. "That's impossible!," you're screaming to yourself. Yah, I agree, but it's still nice to see, as wrong as it is.

I'm sitting here at the laptop in my pseudo study (I say "pseudo" because it doubles as our walk-in closet) drinking black coffee, as opposed to the sugar and cream infused variety that normally jump-starts my day. Why do we drink this stuff? Sans sugar sans cream it tastes awful, as it did back in the summer of 1985 when I first began my relationship with java.

I was working at IGA in Kamsack, Saskatchewan -- a summer job of stocking shelves, cleaning floors and packing groceries. This was a long time ago, near the advent and arrival of plastic grocery bags, shortly after the stone age. Coffee time was revered in this environment and grabbing your fifteen minutes of sitting-on-your-duff time mid-morning was one of the two highlights of the day, the other was the one mid-afternoon. Now, here's the thing, you had to pay for anything and everything you ingested during coffee breaks, everything but coffee. A soon-to-be starving university student, I saw a savings opportunity and seized the day....ahh, err, coffee. What it tasted like then is very likely what it tastes like now, but I'm nothing if not persistent.

One of the handful of readers who saw my first blog post suggested a calorie counting regimen, as a means of managing the battle of bulge. I'm not sure I want to expend that much effort or time at the micro level of this adventure, but I appreciate the suggestion.

In my head I was thinking getting down to 190 pounds would be a reasonable target--20 pounds off the summit of my weight gain. Then I googled a body mass index chart only to discover that 190 still finds me high in the overweight zone and that the "normal" weight for my height is in the neighborhood of 170 pounds. Oh my goodness, I can't remember the last time I was that size.

December 28, 2009 - 205 pounds


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