Shin Splints

For several years I was an avid walker, traversing from home to the college with ease using my two legs. I'm not sure about the exact distance except to say it requires walking from one end of downtown to the other, a journey that takes about 25 minutes at a steady clip and 35 minutes if you're ambling.

At the time, Heather was working up the hill in Thickwood, the opposite direction from where I was heading. We had made the decision to downsize to a one car family in the interests of saving money and providing me some motivation to get some exercise. Heather drove up the hill and I walked to work. It was a good set-up.

Then, her office was transferred downtown, a mere block away from the college. And while I could have continued my walks, I lost my swagger and began catching a lift. My ephemeral walking days were done.

With time on my hands, it still being the holidays and all, I decided to walk to Canadian Tire to pick up a replacement part for the front door latch set. The pain started setting in early, just around the corner from the house with the nativity scene in the front yard which is just around the corner from our house. By the time I neared Mark's Work Wearhouse my shin splints were screaming. And in the final few steps before the automatic doors at Canadian Tire opened, I was ready to stop.

I selected the mechanism I required and quickly headed back the way I came. This time, no pain, nothing. It was like a cake walk, although I'm not really sure what a cake walk is, despite it being a well used saying.

After all that walking, the mechanism didn't fit, no matter what I tried. So, with memories of shin splints fresh, I drove back to the hardware store instead.

December 29, 2009 - 205 pounds


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