Communication discombobulation

Something happened late yesterday morning that killed our ability to communicate with our clients on the Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page on any of our devices.  And if you've ever had a technical issue with Facebook, you know how difficult it is to get individualized attention.  We've sent in a couple of work tickets, but as of this morning we are still unable to access the many messages that came in yesterday. 

This situation highlights for me how dependent I am on Facebook for so many things.  It is my Grand Central Station and New York Times all rolled into one. 

While Facebook attempts to sort out our technical troubles, here are the best ways to get in touch:

1. Text vs Phone (780-881-3752)

I always see the texts that come in but rarely have the ringer on to answer phone calls.

2.  Email (

Emails are the better way to send pictures or reference photos for commission requests. 

3.  Facebook Personal

If you are connected to me personally, you can send a message that way.  The Messenger appears to be working fine on the personal side.

We apologize for this inconvenience, especially during the busy days following an auction. 


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