Painting the Wolf

I did a lot of work yesterday in Birdsong Studio.  I completely sketched out two commission projects, made several custom boxes for completed works, had several visits from clients picking up prints and cards, and a multitude of other things.  What I didn't do was complete an original work.  I decided late in the afternoon that I needed to do something fast and fun.

Up on the shelf above my work bench is a stack of papers with painting images from workshops.  In the pile were pictures of Winston Churchill, ravens, Maya Angelou, Charlie Chaplin and many others.  The one that grabbed my attention was the wolf.  I grabbed a 16" x 16" canvas, drew a grid and then sketched it out.  There wasn't too much to draw as the wolf was largely hair.  I roughed in the eyes, nose, mouth and outline and it was ready for paint.

It had been several months since I had done a time lapse video.  This was a perfect opportunity to set up my tripod and capture the process.  Also, having the accountability piece of doing a time lapse seems to help me move faster.  While I have some small things to do this morning to finish it up, here is what happened last night.

1.  Background - two coats - cerulean blue, cobalt teal, white

2.  Underpainting (red, orange, purple, yellow, etc.) - two coats

3.  Apply the hair left to right, greens and blues on the left, magenta and blues on the right

I'm very happy about how it turned out.  Plus, it allowed me to mostly finish something which helped me feel more productive. 


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