Inspired by children

I was tucked away inside the cardboard castle of Ms. Finn's EEP classroom yesterday morning, waiting for my cue.  It was "R" week in this bastion of learning filled with young minds, between the ages of 3 and 5.  Not only did my name begin with the letter "R", but the morning's painting subject also started with "R" - "raven".

My task, huddled inside the castle walls, was to let out a raven caw as soon as Ms. Finn introduced it as the day's focus.

"Caw! Caw!" I said in my well trained raven voiced.  I spend a fair amount of time emulating these crafty and curious birds.

Little heads began to appear, cautiously craning their necks around the door of the castle to see what was inside. 

Ms. Finn introduced me and announced that I would be doing a painting of a raven with them.

"I'm going to need your help," I said.  "I'm going to ask some questions.  Your answers will help me decide about where to go with my painting."

"What's your favourite season?"

"Fall!" "Summer!" emerged from the confusing jumble of sounds.

"Let's go with summer," I said.  "When you think of summer, what colours come to mind?"

"Yellow!" said one student.  "Green," said another.  "White!" proudly declared a third.

"White?" I asked.

"Clouds," he said.


I set up my table top easel on one of their short tables and grabbed a tiny chair.  I always find it's better to paint at their level.

As always happens, several kids attached themselves to my hip, watched everything I did and asked wonderful questions.

One of the students dubbed the bird (and the painting) "King of the Ravens".

It was a wonderful way to spend a morning, surrounded by the energy of young creators. 


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