It took three weeks from the purchase offer coming in to removal of all conditions, but our home of 20 years is officially sold.  The new owners will take possession the same day we take possession of 74 Elma Street down in Okotoks - June 28, 2019.

We will now continue the process of culling and packing that we started during the frantic days we spent getting the house ready for showing. 

This journey began with a celebratory drink at the Calgary airport after we found out that our own purchase offer has been been accepted for our dream property down south.  That was March 16th.  It certainly doesn't take long for life's circumstances to change.

Perhaps because everything is moving so quickly, I haven't stopped to think (or feel) what it is going to be like to leave this place for the final time.  Goodness....the memories start popping up whenever I speculate on the reality that in a short amount of time, another family is going to call this place home. 


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