In the eye of the beholder

What I see is one thing.  What you see is everything!

I woke up yesterday morning and saw a combination of colours in my mind's eye:  red, black, yellow, white and teal.  The colours were solid and simple, straight lines, understated.

As I rarely get a distinct vision of something, I decided to put what was in my head on canvas.  It took me half the day, in between sessions of working on a large commission, to get it done.

I posted the quick iPhone snap of it on my Russell Thomas Art Facebook page, then felt compelled to take an archival photograph of it and digitally place it in a room. 

I then posted it with the question of what I should call it, on Facebook, Instagram and this morning on Twitter.  Over 100 suggestions have come in so far.

Some people clearly see a character called Cartman (South Park) and can't get it out of their heads.

Others see a pencil.

One lady asked: "Is it wrong that I see a freshly made bed?"

There were also many deeper, more profound, interpretations:

Beneath the Surface

Tax Time:  mostly in the RED

Red Sun Rising


My working title was "Red Earth Teal Sky".

What's clear to me is that everyone is going to see what they see.  How I see it, or even name it, is secondary to the individual's experience of looking at it.

With that in mind, I'm going to name it in such a way that the viewer gets to decide.

What do you see?
18" x 36"
acrylic on canvas


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