The Best

We have been so fortunate to have such generous support from Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites in Fort McMurray.  They hosted a fundraising luncheon for Bracelets For Buildings in 2018 and raised enough money to fund the construction of an entire house for a family in Cambodia. 

They welcomed us back again yesterday and we enjoyed another successful fundraising event.

What was different this time was that both Kent Lissack (co-founder of Bracelets For Buildings) and I were travelling to Fort McMurray from out of town.  Best Western Plus Sawridge Suites was kind enough to comp us a couple of rooms.  Experiencing the hotel from the perspective of a guest was so illuminating as to why they have achieved such success, even during a downturn.

Most striking to me was the moment walking into the room and seeing its size.  The entry way and kitchen area flowed into a lovely sitting area.  The bedroom was tucked around the corner with an array of beautiful pillows.  Large Wood Buffalo themed photographs brought colour to the walls inside the room and in the hallways.  I felt that the hotel did a brilliant job of highlighting the best of the region, in the photographs they chose and in the decor overall.

At the elevators on the second floor was a message from general manager Paul Jones.  It talked about their dedication to service and excellence in a way that was completely easy to understand and believe.  That dedication seems to be embodied by every single staff member we encountered in the time that we were there.

Sitting in the lounge after dinner, watching the comings and goings of guests, it felt like a community.  There is no other way to describe it.

We are still counting the proceeds from the fundraiser, and I have some work to do to complete the painting I started as part of the event, but it was another success.  We are so grateful to Paul, Erin, Alanna and the entire team at Best Wester Plus Sawridge Suites for making us feel so welcome and for helping to change the lives of a less fortunate family in Cambodia.


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