Birdsong Originals

We have hosted a lot of online auctions over the last few years, but none that featured only original works.  We thought that January would be a great time to move a lot of paintings and clear some space for what is coming in 2020.

We have 29 items in the BIRDSONG ORIGINALS auction that is on right now and goes until 9 pm MST on Sunday, January 26th.  That number could go up as the week goes along, though I have a couple of major painting events next week which will get in the way of my free painting time.

It is about 7:30 am on the first day of the auction.  Bidding opened about 90 minutes ago.  Obviously there were a few early birds as bids have already started coming in.

We have done a couple of thing differently this time around.  First, starting bid prices are as low as you will ever see them.  We want to find homes for these pieces of art.  Second, we are offering a BUY NOW option on a number of pieces that is below the regular prices of the items.  Choosing that option gets you free shipping to anywhere in Canada and removes the item from the auction immediately.

A late addition to the BIRDSONG ORIGINALS auction is a palette knife painting of a falcon. It is super loose as I set out to create it using only a single tool.  This is my first palette knife painting of an animal.

Most importantly, we are raising funds for a number of different charities.  We have two originals from the "Prayers for Australia" series.  Twenty-five percent of the sale price of both those items will be donated to a charity down under doing animal rescue and recovery work.  One piece (Bayan Temple) is being sold to raise money for Bracelets For Buildings, a charity that I volunteer for as a member of its board.  We build homes for the poorest of the poor in southeast Asia.  In fact, I'll be leaving for Cambodia in just a couple of weeks to participate in that process.  Finally, we are selling three collaborative art pieces, sale proceeds of which will be donated to two local charities supporting and encouraging the arts:  Leighton Art Centre and Okotoks Arts Council.

How do you participate?

1.  Register for free here:

2.  Bid on the items that are of interest to you.

3.  If you get outbid, the 32 Auctions website sends you an email right away.

4.  Have fun.

Bidding ends at 9 pm MST next Sunday.  Thanks for your support.


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