Slow and steady


I have been on the Ideal Protein track for several months now.  I'm taking the slow and steady route this time around, not overly pushing myself to be one hundred percent on program all the time.  The result is that I am losing weight slowly and steadily.  As of yesterday I am down 15.5 pound since I started.  My body fat percentage has gone from 27 percent in May to 24 percent in August.  With the exception of one week, I have lost weight consistently, albeit in small amounts.

In addition to losing pounds, I have lost inches.  My clothes fit better, my favourite shorts are hanging off my hips instead of my waist, and I am getting closer to wearing dress shirts that have been hanging dormant in the closet for years.  I am most happy being able to comfortably wear my summer clothes as they were a tad snug when this journey began. 

Has it been hard?  Not at all.  I have become enamoured with roasted veggies on the BBQ: bell peppers, red onion, egg plant and mushrooms.  I look forward to my Ideal Protein porridge in the morning.  I don't miss my daily dose of toast with jam and peanut butter.  I don't miss burning through a bag of Costco nut mix every week.

What is the cost of the program?  Now that I am up and running, I'm spending about $100 a week on Ideal Protein products.  We are eating out less and buying less junk food.  Honestly, I'm probably spending about the same as I was before, only spending differently.  

When will I begin to wean myself off of Ideal Protein products?  I don't have an answer to that question yet.  Time will tell.  I'm hoping to get down in the 170-175 pound range before I transition to a regular died.  That could be some time in the fall.  


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