18 days into Ideal

When we arrived back in Okotoks after our Vancouver Island vacation I was 193.6 pounds. As of this morning, I have dropped down to 180.3 pounds. I will soon enter the land of the 170s, territory I haven't visited in probably 5 years.  I am 18 days into Phase One of the Ideal Protein program. 

Simply, we are seriously regulating carbs, sugars and fats while eating the right amount of proteins to maintain lean muscle mass.  The "sugar tank" has been drained and my body is using fat stores (of which I have plenty) for energy. I have gone 18 days without alcohol, processed sugars and carbs, bread, plus vegetables and fruits that are higher on the glycemic index. I've also eaten at least 4 cups of select vegetables and had over 64 oz of water every day.

Pounds have been sloughed off. 

My body fat percentage is moving toward a healthier range.

Hunger pangs are rare.

My restless legs (a normal part of my evenings) have settled down.

Energy is up.

My ultimate goal is to get down to 167 pounds before beginning my transition to the Stabilization and Maintenance phases of the Ideal Protein program. That means I have just over 13 more pounds to lose. If I continue to "eat the sheet" (all the things approved by the program), I could be closing in on my goal in four or five weeks. 

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If you are in the Okotoks/Foothills area and want to learn more about this program? Don't hesitate to reach out. We have a short video at our fingertips which we can share with you that might help you make a decision to begin your own journey.

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