What really matters

 As I continue losing weight on the Ideal Protein program (10.6 pounds down in about 12 days), there is another metric to which I am paying close attention.  That is body fat percentage.  

When you get to be my age (55), risk factors increase exponentially with how much fat we are carrying in our bodies. That is why driving down my fat percentage, while not losing lean muscle mass, is a primary objective and motivation for me.  

This is was 5 pounds of fat looks like. We have one of these blobs in our Ideal Protein clinic. It is fascinating to look at, but it is more fascinating to hold. Honestly, it feels heavy.  I've lost two of these so far and intend to lose about three more before transitioning into our stabilization and maintenance phases of the IP program. 

So, how am I feeling after being on the program and in ketosis (the process by which our bodies use our fat stores for energy) for over a week?

I feel lighter in my body.

I don't feel any hunger. 

I feel very satiated (full) after both our lunch and dinner.

I have more energy. 

I believe my body is grateful for the new lifestyle.

I get on the scale every morning, as we have easy access to one that synchs with the Ideal Protein app. I'm doing it to better understand how this process works from day to day, less about the drive to see the number go down. Here is my curve so far.  

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Want to learn more about Ideal Protein? We are an independent and authorized clinic located on historic Elma Street in Okotoks. Send us a note to find out more: office@birdsongstudios.ca or (403)910-0843. If you phone us, be sure to leave a message with your phone number and that you'd like more information about Ideal Protein. 


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