Low tide is coming

 Heather and I arrived back from our Vancouver Island holiday in late January. I weighed in at 193.6 pounds the morning after.  As we approach the end of the one month mark, and one month of being on the Ideal Protein program, I am sitting at 175.7 pounds.  That's almost 18 pounds gone in less than a month.

Has it been hard?  Not at all. In fact, slipping into the Ideal Protein program felt like slipping into a comfortable and familiar pair of pajamas. I have more energy. Hunger pangs are rare. And food tastes better.  

My goal is to get down to 167 pounds, which will be the new low tide mark in my adult life. After that, I begin the work of learning how to stabilize and maintain my new healthy weight.

If you want to find out more, Heather and I would be happy to share more about our personal journeys with this program.

Text us at 403-910-0843 or email office@birdsongstudios.ca


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