Even mistakes have purpose

There was a time when I would have chastised myself for misreading a message and going to a meeting on the wrong day.  No longer.  Once I realized that I was sitting in Starbucks in Waterloo, 24 hours ahead of when I was supposed to, I immediately decided that I was there for other reasons that were just as important.

I used the free WiFi to do some research on getting my iPhone fixed and made an appointment at the Apple store, which was just a few blocks away in the Conestogo Mall.  The only slot that was available was the following day, but that worked out great as my actual appointment was going to bring me back anyway.

During the trip from Guelph to Kitchener-Waterloo, I was reliant on Google maps to tell me where to go.  The trouble was that as my phone was plugged into the USB charger in the rental car, the voice was silent.  So, instead of listening to the instructions, I was forced to look down and see where I needed to go next.  It was stressful.  I eventually figured out that if the phone was unplugged, the voice worked normally.  Let's just say I had a much more relaxing trip today.

Nothing in this part of the world is neatly north, south, east and west.  There is a 45-degree thing in this part of Ontario that really confuses me.  I spent time staring at an old school printed map to better understand the lay of the land and am slowly becoming less confused.

The folks at the Apple Store were very helpful.  I was impressed with a couple of things: 1) how someone made eye contact and greeted me each time I walked in the store, 2) they made an effort to call me by name, and 3) the overall feeling was that they were expecting me and that they were there to help me.  I now have a new battery for my iPhone.  Apparently, there was a batch made that went out with batteries that had been substandard; mine just happened to be one of those.

I enjoyed a number of great visits with colleagues from the Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo project, did some shopping and soaked in the sights of some lovely rural properties driving between cities.  I will drive to Mindcamp tomorrow and being a 5-day creativity immersion.


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