The Mindcamp blur

It is 11:20 at night and I have am sitting in my room for the only the second time today.  The first time was for a 5-minute nap and shower.  My first session this morning started at 6:30 am.  I'm in my room now because I know I need to get some rest, though I could just as easily stayed in the Hub visiting or singing by the campfire.

The Mindcamp effect continues to surprise me.  In my mind, I know I should take a break, skip a session or get some quiet time, but I get overtaken by instincts that tell me I need to attend such and such a session.  I am not alone.

My window is open and dozens of people are still visiting, laughing and singing.  They are making long connections deeper and cultivating new ones.  They are talking about the things they learned and the life-changing moments that are a regular occurrence at Mindcamp.  I saw several today.

In addition to attending three different workshops today I enjoyed multiple conversations, each deep and profound.  I've heard great stories, connected with many skilled and knowledgeable people, and enjoyed every moment of this creative immersion.

It's a big day tomorrow as I have my "Painting Steve Shama" workshop and need to finish up the painting I've done of Tim Hurson and the one I started of Dr. Win Wenger.  It will start early and end late.  Just another magical day at Mindcamp.


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