Conversations with a raven

His sound is so unique that it cuts through the constant chatter of magpies and chickadees. He is insistent, as if he knows I am lying in bed trying to enjoy a short nap in the middle of the day.

"Caw! Caw! Caw!" he repeats, over and over again.

Oh, all right, I think to myself, slipping out of bed and into my painting pants; five minutes of sleep is all that I really need.

I put on my slip-on painting shoes and go outside and find my raven perched up on his branch.  The caws immediately turn to the more gentle cluck, click and coo sounds.  I cluck, click and coo back as best that I can.  Some of his sounds are harder to emulate than others.  One particular sound is like a knuckle cracking, a sharp popping sound, but coming from inside his throat.

Someone told me that ravens are very smart and social animals, and that once you make a connection with one, it will return time and time again.  I really think this is the same bird that comes back and brings a smile - and a lively conversation - to my days.

This conversation is going on longer than most.  Maybe he is expressing his appreciation for the snack I offered up earlier in the day?  He seemed to enjoy grabbing all those bread bits that I threw onto the roof of the studio.

"I need to go back to painting," I tell him, walking into Birdsong Studio and shutting the door.  It's a beautiful day, but still a little crisp to keep the door open all the time.  He calls out to me a few more times before silence settles.  The next time I go out, he is nowhere to be seen.


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