Painting rocks

Excuse me while I anthropomorphize.

Heather and I were walking along the trail that links Frank and Bellevue, up above the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre in the Crowsnest Pass, when I saw this rock on the path.  It was standing tall, as if saying "paint me!"  It immediately reminded me of some of those rocks you find on Easter Island.

I snapped its photograph and kept walking.

What if I took a series of pictures of rocks that have humanlike characteristics and turn them into a series.  I would call it the "Rocks In Situ" series, or rocks in place.  The rule would be that I'd have to take their picture exactly as they are in nature.  In other words, moving them around to get better light was off side.

After a full day of working on a commission, I felt like treating myself to something a little different.  I did as I always do; I printed out a copy of the photo in black and white.  I wanted to the paint the rock, not by trying to replicate the tones and hues it had sitting on the trail, but by giving it new colours and personality.  This is how it turned out.

It is rejuvenating to try to new things.  When an idea pops into my head, I like to run with it.  I have no idea where this will go, or if it will be of interest to anyone but me.  However, Rock In Situ No. 1 is done.


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