Return to Cambodia

In one week, we will be over the Pacific Ocean heading back to Cambodia and Thailand for a couple of weeks.  Our primary purpose is to assist Bracelets For Buildings (B4B) in building homes for the poorest of the poor.  The charity's co-founders, Lee and Kent, are there right now visiting with potential recipient families and planning the build schedule which will stretch over two full months.  The goal is to build 15 homes in total, two having been funded by many of our clients and friends.  A big shout out to the team at the Best Western Sawridge Plus in Taiga Nova, as the second home is happening largely because of the amazing fundraiser they hosted this fall.

We are ready for a warmer locale and the opportunity of putting business on pause for a couple of weeks.  Our connectivity is going to be rather limited over there.  We will be communicating with the outside world only using WiFi, whenever we can get it.

What's different about this trip?  Two important things.  First, we'll be bringing our younger son Ben with us. 

He's going to be doing some filming for B4B and experiencing southeast Asia for the first time.  It will be fun as parents to watch how he responds to a very remarkable place and its people. I'm really looking forward to introducing him to Chat Tom and his family (shown above). Second, things will feel way more familiar this time around.  For that reason, I love returning to places a second time.

Adriana dropped by the studio last night to pick up a donation for a fundraiser coming up in support of a young lady struggling with cancer.  I started flipping through our book of memories of what happened last year.  She became quite moved by the stories I was able to share.  The trip in late 2017 was an unforgettable experience; I'm sure this year's adventure will be equally amazing.

While we will be largely offline, we'll be sharing picture and stories whenever we can.  Stay tuned!


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